Patricia Airways Limited

Patricia Airways Limited

The company was formed as a result of the liquidation of Patricia Airways and Exploration Limited. Company flights in 1928, however, mail contracts were few and thus, the company lasted only a short period of time. Not only that, Western Canada Airways was still operating in the same area and was a more efficient service.

Stamp Issued

CL 43 full pane issued on March 9, 1928.

Only stamp issued. Design based on previous Patricia Airways and Exploration stamps.

Flight Covers

Red Lake to Sioux Lookout

March 9, 1928

This is a first flight cover with the CL 43 in use. Cover also has the maple leaf cachet in violet ink.

Company Notes

-First company flight was on February 3, 1928. Covers would have been franked with Patricia Airways and Exploration Limited stamps.

-Varities occur in the stamps: grounded aircraft, missing aircraft, triple printing of the aircraft are known.

-No official government contract to carry mail was owned by the company. The contract was held by WCA.
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