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This page is dedicated to the collection of Canadian Semi-Official Airmail stamps and covers. After searching the web, I realized just how little there is in terms of information. Considering the popularity of these issues ( I'm constantly the underbidder on Ebay... he! he! ), I decided to make a web page. What I hope to achieve is to highlight the individual companies, stamps, covers, pilots and other individuals that brought to life this interesting area of stamp collecting and postal history.

Steve Johnson

The Canadian Aerophilatelic Society has its own webpage now!!

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The Patricia Airways and Exploration LTD. page has been updated with 5 new stamps.

The next update will take place on June 15th.

I would like to thank David G. Brown for his contributions to this page. David has some wonderful covers, stamps and photos that he graciously shared with me. You can find David's material in the Jack V. Elliot Air Service section, Elliot-Fairchild Air Service section, Elliot-Fairchilds Air Service section and Patricia Airways and Exploration Company Ltd. Once again, thank you David!

News and Notes

Lots of news to pass along.

My Yukon Airways exhibit received a Vermeil at the FIP show in Prague 2008. I was very pleased with the result.

My apologies for the lateness of the updates. I now have some time, (and the material) to update the page a little bit more often.

I have re-worked my Yukon Airways exhibit and I hope to have that up soon. I also want to redo the Yukon Airways section to include my new findings, but that will be a long term project.

My Yukon Airways exhibit received a Gold and best BNA single frame exhibit in Ottawa this May. I was quite pleased.

New Yukon Airways Exhibit

*page updated May 23, 2009.

*page updated November 15, 2008.

*page updated October 12, 2008.

Laurentide Air Service LTD.*

Northern Air Service

Jack V. Elliot Air Service*

Elliot-Fairchild Air Service

Elliot-Fairchilds Air Service

Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport LTD.

Fairchild Air Transport LTD.

Patricia Airways and Exploration Company LTD.*

Western Canada Airways Service

Western Canada Airways Jubilee Issue

Yukon Airways and Exploration Company LTD.*

Patricia Airways LTD.

British Columbia Airways LTD.

Klondike Airways LTD.

Cherry Red Airline LTD.*

Commercial Airways LTD.*

Canadian Airways Ltd.

The stamps and covers are from my own collection. If you wish to use the images, please contact me.

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One of Canada's leading Aerophilatelists.

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If you want to see an amazing Semi-Official collection, I suggest you visit Peter at the VFNH Store. Click the My Semi-Official Collection link and be blown away. It is a must see.

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