Northern Air Service

Northern Air Service Limited

With Laurentide Air Service ceasing operations in January 1925, a new air service began flying into the Rouyn goldfields. Northern Air Service, formed by former Laurentide pilot B.W. Broatch, established a base in Haileybury and began flying into Rouyn in May 1925. With the success of this flight, postal authorities in Ottawa granted the company the authority to issue a stamp and charge for air mail service.

Stamps Issued

CL 5 issued on June 27, 1925.

This was the only stamp issued by the company.

Flight Covers

Haileybury to Rouyn

June 27, 1925.

This is the first official flight made by Northern Air Service. Note the company stamp also has the "dot to the left of central monogram" variety.

Company Notes

- An experimental flight took place on May 18, 1925. Only 8 covers were flown, making it a very rare find.

- 2 special company cachets were used on the experimental flight.

- First flight with company stamp was on June 27, 1925- Haileybury to Rouyn and return.

- Major stamp variety is the "dot to the left of central monogram".

- Tete-beche pairs exsist, however, they are very rare.

- Stamps were issued in booklet pane of 4 and a sheet of 20.

- 3 company cachets were used after the June 27, 1925 flight.

- Company folded due to financial difficulties in late October 1925. One of the flying boats was destroyed by fire after the wing fabric ignited following an engine backfire.

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