Golden Arm Cover
Semi-Official Airmail Stamps of Canada and Newfoundland:
Abstracted from - Section 3


Jack V. Elliott Airways

Elliott Fairchild Air Service

Fairchild Air Transport

Patricia Airways & Exploration

Laurentide Air Service

Steve Johnson's Personal
Collection of Semi-Officials

Steve Johnson's New Yukon Airways Collection

A Gallery of Early
Bush Aircraft

A Gallery of Semi-Officials
Carried by Bush Aircraft

Pioneer NW Ontario Bush Pilots
The Curtiss Lark Aircraft

Edited by Murray Heifetz

Contributors; Don Amos, Robert H. Jamieson, Richard K. Malott and Derek C. Rance

Between 1924 and 1932 the Canadian Post Office Department authorized a number of airline companies to print their own stamps and charge a fee for carriage of mail between points in a number of mining areas in the northern parts of Canada. At the time, aviation was the only effective means of transportation to these areas. Regular Canadian postage was required in addition to the airline surcharge.

The study of the stamps themselves, as well as the individual airline histories, are subjects beyond the scope of this introduction. The Volume lists each airline listing with a brief historical summary; further airline information can be located in some excellent airline history volumes (see the Bibliography in preparation!). Valuation of covers in this catalogue are based on the most common of the airline stamps for a particular flight; such values also assume the cover to be in fine to very fine condition.

Additional values must be added for true commercial usage, use of scarcer stamps, or for errors or varieties of a stamp. These supplemental values can be found in The Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps, published by Unitrade. The latest edition of this catalogue also lists the essays and proofs of the stamps.

Examples of Covers and Stamps are displayed in the several Selections from the Menu on the left. These are a restoration of archives of the original postings by Steven Johnson sourced from his personal collection and from contribution to his site from the David G. Brown Collection.

The exemplars of period Aircraft is presently under construction.

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