Cherry Red Airline Ltd.

Norm Cherry started Cherry Airways after acquiring a Pheasent biplane in May 1928. Cherry acquired another plane, a Buhl Standard Airsedan which was for passenger and freight use. With the new plane, came a new name- Cherry Red Airline Limited.

Company records were somewhat obscure, however, what is known is that Cherry Red Airline Limited continued to operate until April 1931. It is thought that Brook Airways either bought out the assets or merged with Cherry Red Airline Limited.

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Order sheet sent to England. The order sheet was sent to a collector in England informing him over cover prices and the amount of covers for sale. The bottom of the sheet is hand written by Jack Kirby saying he is the first person to order Cherry Red Airline covers from England. Interesting item.

Stamp Issued

CL 46 issued on July 3, 1929.

Design shows the company's red Buhl Airsedan.

Flight Covers

Prince Albert to Montreal Lake

August 13, 1929

This is a very nice double rate cover for the return flight back to Prince Albert. The bottom stamp also has the 'snow on wings' variety.

Ile A La Crosse to Prince Albert

February 4, 1930

A common cover as there were over 1000 pieces of mail flown. A nice diagonal company cancel was used on the company stamp.

Christopher Lake to Lac La Ronge

March 10, 1930

A common flight cover, however, it is a nice example of the company envelope. The flight was piloted by J.B. Home-Hay with over 600 pieces of mail delivered to Lac La Ronge.

Company Notes

- errors in the stamp occur with the "snow on ski's variety" and the "serif on the A variety".

- first flight occured on June 15, 1929. Prince Albert to Lac la Ronge.

- pilot Alva Malone has signed some covers.

- special cachet used at Pelican Narrows since no post office exsisted. April 11, 1931.

- facsimilie of pilot J.B. Home-Hay signature were also used on covers.

- company envelopes had a picture of the red Buhl monoplane on the upper left hand corner.

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