Golden Arm Cover
The Semi-Official Airmail Stamps of Canada
March 1, 2012, Toronto, Ontario


Jack V. Elliott Airways

Elliott Fairchild Air Service

Fairchild Air Transport

Patricia Airways & Exploration

Laurentide Air Service

Steve Johnson's Personal
Collection of Semi-Officials

Steve Johnson's New Yukon Airways Collection

A Gallery of Early
Bush Aircraft

A Gallery of Semi-Officials
Carried by Bush Aircraft

Pioneer NW Ontario Bush Pilots

Pioneer NW Ontario Mining Sites

Flight of the Curtiss Lark to Red Lake - 1926

Who was Capt. Roy Maxwell?

Places and Planes Home Page

New Book: Places & Planes The RCAF at Work
The Curtiss Lark Aircraft

Curtiss Lark Biplane, Flown by "Doc" Oaks of Patricia Airways, Sioux Lookout 1926

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