Canadian Airways Limited

Canadian Airways Limited

With the merger between the Aviation Corportation of Canada and Western Canada Airways, along with the financial backing of the two main railways (C.P. and C.N.), the new company had a virtual monopoly of the air transport business in Canada. Three divisions were created: a Western sector, Eastern, and Pacific.

Problems arose with the Western sector as the Post Office Department in Ottawa cut back on airmail expenditures. With the loss of airmail contracts, the western sector applied to issue a semi-official stamp between Edmonton and Fort McMurray. A year later, the company also had permission to use the a semi-official stamp between Winnipeg and Cold Lake.

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Stamps Issued

CL-51 issued on December 30, 1932.

CL 52 issued on July 19, 1934.

10 cent overprint in black

Flight Covers

Fort McMurray to Edmonton

July 20, 1934.

Front of Cover

Back of Cover

This is the return flight between Fort McMurray and Edmonton. It is a First Flight Cover using the CL 51 stamp.

Company Notes

- First flight with CL 51 in use was on December 30, 1934 from Edmonton to Fort McMurray.

- Imperf pairs exist for CL 51.

- Inverted overprints exist for CL 52.

- First flight of CL 52 was on July 19, 1934 from Edmonton to Fort McMurray.

- Roessler fake essay's exist in orange and green. These were based on the official company envelope.

- Most of the CL 51 and CL 52 semi-official stamps are not tied to the cover.

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