Laurentide Air Service Ltd.

The company originally started in 1919 to help patrol the timber regions in the St. Maurice River Valley. By 1924, the company changed its name to Laurentide Air Service and started the first regular passenger air route in Canada.

Proving to be a reliable air carrier, postal authorities allowed the company to charge a fee to carry letters.

Stamps Issued

CL 2 issued on September 5, 1924.

Green shade rouletted at top.

CL 2 booklet pane. Top tab missing.

CL 2 booklet covers.

CL 4 booklet pane.

Flight Covers

October 20, 1924. Haileybury to Rouyn.

Rare Reverse Commercial Cover

A very rare commercially used cover sent from Haileybury to Rouyn on October 20, 1924. The cover was cancelled again at Rouyn on October 22, 1924 and sent to Angliers. The cover arrived at Angliers on October 23, 1924. Commercial covers are very scare and highly prized especially 1924 covers. As well, this cover is one of three known for this flight, making it an extremely rare piece.

January 22, 1925. Larder Lake to Rouyn.

Special cachet added to back of cover. Stamp CL 3 placed on the back.

January 22, 1925. Larder Lake to Unknown.

Commercial Cover

Back of Cover

Front of cover

A commercial cover sent from Larder Lake and was probably flown to Rouyn then forwarded to Toronto or Vancouver. Many of the rural communities did not have telegraph service and for a message to be sent it either went to Toronto or Vancouver and then forwarded on via Bush pilots.

January 23, 1925. Larder Lake to Liverpool.

Back of Cover

Front of cover

This cover was flown on the second last day before the crash of the airplane in the Kekeko Hills. Many covers are address to J. Davis in England, but very few are actually postmarked in England. This is one of the few covers to have actually arrived in Liverpool.

Trans-Canada flight.

This is a prepared cover in anticipation of a flight from Vancouver to Montreal as noted by the cover cachet. The aircraft was determined to be unfit for the flight and was thus cancelled. The flight was to be flown in July of 1925.

Company Notes

- First flight was September 11, 1924. Haileybury to Rouyn.

- 4 stamps were isssued.

- 3 special cachets were used.

- Plane crashed on January 24, 1925.

- Covers were prepared for a Trans-Canada Flight but was not flown. The plane was unfit for service and was abandoned.

- Company closed in 1925 from financial difficulties.

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