Klondike Airways Ltd.

Klondike Airways Ltd., was created to fill the void left by rival Yukon Airways in 1928. Klondike Airways Ltd, was a transport company started by W.L. Phelps and T.C. Richards employing caterpillar tractors and operating regular passenger, freight and mail service.

One of the difficulties with Klondike Airways is the number of flights made are unknown. When looking to buy covers bearing the Klondike Airways stamp, one must keep in mind that in may not have been flown at all. It could have travelled by tractor or train. In my opinion, when buying Klondike Airways covers, one should look at each cover with a critical eye.

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Stamp Issued

CL 45 issued on October 4, 1928.

Shades vary from a dark blue to a light blue.

One stamp was issued by the company, however its use was never authorized by the postal aurthorities.

Company Notes