Fairchild Air Transport LTD.

With Jack Elliot departing the company, Sherman Fairchild started a new operation in Northern Ontario. With that, a new stamp design that ommitted the name "ELLIOT" was issued on October 19th, 1926. Two designs were made one with a dark blue shade, the other an ultramarine shade.

Stamps Issued

CL 11 issued on October 20, 1926.

Stamp in dark blue shade. Word 'Elliot' ommitted from the stamp.

CL 12 issued on October 20, 1926.

Tete-Beche pair.

The stamp was actually produced before CL 11, but the shade was considered to light to be used on mail. The dark blue shade was then produced.

Flight Covers

Rouyn to Haileybury.

October 20, 1926.

The first flight using CL 11 took place on October 20th 1926, Haileybury-Rouyn and return. There were 500 covers for the outbound flight and 517 for the return. Most covers were signed by pilot Glyn Burge.

Company Notes

- Two official flights were on October 20th, 1926 and October 27th, 1926.

- Company disbanded in 1926 after two official flights due to the Canadian rail system reaching Haileybury and Rouyn.

- Tete-beche pairs were printed in both shades.

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