Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport LTD.

Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport LTD.

The merger between Jack Elliot and Sherman Fairchild was short lived. By June 1, 1926, Fairchild started his own transport company. Fairchild decided to keep Elliot's name in the company title, however it is doubtful Elliot played any part in the new company. Fairchild used an airplane previously promised to Elliot and flew in the Rouyn gold mining district. Fairchild believed that there were great business opportunities in the district with the departure of Northern Air Service.

Company Ephemera

Original company brochure.

Stamp Issued

One stamp was issued in red.

CL 10 issued on August 12. 1926.

Company stamp has the "White dot over O" variety.

Flight Covers

Haileybury to Rouyn

August 12, 1926.

This flight is the first flight in which the company stamp was used. The company made previous flights as early as May 1926. However, covers carried on earlier flight either used CL 8 or CL 9 merger stamps. Cover is signed by pilot Glyn Burge and the company stamp on the cover has the "White dot over O" variety. Company stamp is CL 48.

Company Notes

-Inaugural flight took place on May 27, 1926.

-One stamp issued with "Elliot" in the company title in red with various shades.

-Tete-beche pairs are available.