Elliot-Fairchilds Air Service

A second stamp, with a new design depicting a Cutiss JN-4 aircraft over a boat was issued on or before April 5, 1926. Jack Elliot had a plan that would transport passengers by boat to Gold Pines and use the flying boat to fly the rest of the way to Red Lake. This ideas was illustrated in the new stamp design.

Notes from the David G. Brown collection.

Stamps Issued

CL 9 issued issued on or before April 5, 1926.

This was the second stamp issued by Elliot-Fairchild. Note the incorrect "S" to the end of Fairchild.

CL 9 full pane with tete-beche pair and variety.

Flight Covers

Toronto to Red Lake via Rolling Portage.

April 5, 1926.

The date of the merger stamp is unknown. There is some speculation that the stamp was issued as early as April 5, 1926. If that was the case, the day of issue would have been prior to that date. The cover arrived at Rolling Portage on April 7, 1926. The merger stamp was probably added there on the date of arrival, and then cancelled at Red Lake.

Red Lake to Rolling Portage to Haileybury.

April 8, 1926.

Instructions were given by the company that the previous stamp, the CL 8, was no longer to be used. The new company also had an interest in providing a similar air service in the Rouyn Goldfields in northwesten Quebec. At some point there was a bitter dispute between Elliot and Fairchild. Eliiot continued to fly until the ice melted off the lakes. He did not have an airworthy airplane that could operate off water. The last flight the company made with there own aircraft was a return flight from Red Lake to Rolling Portage on April 17, 1926.

Cover and notes from the David G. Brown collection. Once again David super material and we thank you for sharing it with us.

Cochrane to Red Lake via Rolling Portage.

April 16, 1926.

Back of Cover

Front of Cover

A very rare commercial cover sent to H.E. Holland from Cochrane, Ontario.

Haileybury to Rouyn.

June 1, 1926.

This cover would have been flown by Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport. The last day of flight for Elliot-Fairchild Air Service was April 17, 1926.

Company Notes

- April 17th was the last flight made by the company, and the only time CL9 was officially used by the company.

- Covers franked with CL9 with dates after April 17th were either flown by Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport or Patricia Airways and Exploration Company.

- With the issuance of CL9, use of CL8 was not allowed. Covers exist with CL9 placed over top a CL8.

- Tete-beche pairs occur on the panes of 8.