Elliot-Fairchild Air Service

Elliot-Fairchild Air Service

Sherman Fairchild was the manager of the American Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Corporation. Sherman, after learning of the success of Jack Elliot, persuaded Elliot to enter into a partnership. Sherman would provide a new 7 seat Fairchild aircraft which could operate on unfrozen lakes. The plan was to use this aircraft in the Rouyn mining area that was vacated by Northern Air Service

Stamps Issued

CL 8 issued issued March 26 1926.

Upper right stamp has the tall "r" variety in the word "Fairchild".

This stamp essentially has the same design as CL 7 with the title changing to Elliot-Fairchild, and the omission of the word "First" and two maple leaves. The use of this stamp was short lived, lasting only a week or two.

Stamps and notes from the David G. Brown collection.

Flight Covers

August 12, 1926.

Red Lake to Sioux Lookout to Halifax.

CL8 issued by Elliot-Fairchild with cache added by Patricia Airways and Exploration Ltd.

Back of Cover

Front of Cover

After the failed merger between Fairchild and Jack Elliot, a few letters franked with CL8 were being delivered by Patricia Airways and Exploration Ltd. Patricia Airways applied their own box date to the cover. This is a very rare example of a CL8 cover.

Cover and notes from the David G. Brown collection.

Company Notes

- Earliest flight for the use of CL8 was on March 26th 1926.

- A new stamp was produced to replace CL8.

- Imperforate pairs exist for CL8.

- Known error with the word "Air Service" shown inverted.

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