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A Gallery of Semi-Officials
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Farrington at Red Lake These Web pages are the result of recreating the original web presence archived by Rogers "Geocities" as explained below......
This Page is an antiquarian - possibly outdated - user generated website brought to you by an archive. It was mirrored from Geocities at the end of October 2009. For any questions about this page contact the respective author. To report any mal content send URL to oocities@gmail.com. For any questions concerning the archive visit our main page at: http://www.oocities.org

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This site was originally prepared by Steve Johnson based on his personal collection and with major contributions made from the David G. Brown Collection

The original presentation was noteworthy, highly informative and it deserves to be returned to a dynamic presence in the public domain. As noted from the URL, it is now hosted at: http://www.semiofficials .ca

Steve Johnson deserves full credit for all of the material that constitutes this web presence. Although he has no direct ongoing responsibility for the material contained herein, it was re-established with his permission. It is anticipated that from time to time, given availability and as the occasion demands, he will contribute to the evolution of this site in both an editorial capacity and as well as a contributor to its future philatelic material and expression.
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