Fairchild 71c
Gallery of Vintage Air Mail Covers & Stamps used in Northern Canada known as Semi-Officials: circa 1926 to 1932

Introduction - Under Development

Photo Gallery of Vintage Aircraft

Photo Gallery of Airmail Stamps

Photo Gallery of Airmail Covers

Pioneer "Bush" Pilots of NW Ontario 1925-1926
Mary Pickford image pending image pending image pending Roessler Cover
image pending Laurentide Airways Jack V Elliot Airways Essay Stamp Humber River at Mono Mills image pending
image pending Patricia Airways CL-19 Fairchild Airways= Bush Plane image pending
CL6 White Flaw image pending old mill dedication First Flight Cover RL to Mtl - 1926 Patricia Airways Red Lake

Selected Images of the Envelope (Covers) carried on Air Mail by Aircraft that Serviced Northern Ontario
and Other Remote Regions of Canada 1926-1932 commencing with the Red Lake Gold Rush of 1926

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