Gallery of Vintage Bush Aircraft
Servicing the Red Lake Mining District - circa 1926 to 1937

Introduction - Under Development

Photo Gallery of Postage Stamps

Photo Gallery of Airmail Covers

Photo Gallery of Ontario Bush Pilots
Curtiss H2SL - 1919 Curtiss JN4 Canuck Avro Avian CF-AXM at Red Lake Curtis Lark at Sioux Lookout
Junkers Bellanca at Lac du Bonnet RCAF Fairchild 71B Stinson Relaint Waco Biplane YKC-S
Fokker Universal at Sioux Lookout Fokker Universal through the Ice Bellanca Pacemaker on Floats Fokker Universals at Goldpines Winter In The Bush
Humber Strata at Old Mill Curtiss Lark model 41 PAE CF-AXM in Red Lake Fairchild FC2W RCAF Vega

Selected Images of Vintage Aircraft Servicing Red Lake Mining District 1926 - 1945

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The majority of Images are from | the Canadian Aviation Museum |

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