Fairchild F71c
Semi - Official Airmail Postage
Canada: 1924 - 1932


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Steve Johnson's Personal
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Steve Johnson's New Yukon Airways Collection

A Gallery of Early
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A Gallery of Semi-Officials
Carried by Bush Aircraft

Pioneer NW Ontario Bush Pilots

This Semi- Officials Website was registered March 2012 under the URL of http://www.semiofficials.ca

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Mission Statement

This site is hosting the resurrected web pages once hosted at Geocities which were archived in 2009 at www.oocities.org.

These pages were originally mounted by Steve Johnson of the Bramalea Stamp Club to display the history and philatelic material of the the several Canadian Aviation Companies given permission by the Government of Canada to print and apply postage to mail addressed to the remote parts of the country where ordinary mail service could not deliver it.

This unique circumstance in Canadian Postal History had a limited existence between 1925 and 1932. Nevertheless, the stamps and covers produced during that time frame have given rise to collections that are striking in their portrayal of this era of Canadian History.

It includes philatelic material associated with the Red Lake Gold Rush of 1926 in North Western Ontario which had a profound and far reaching impact on the development of commercial aviation in Canada. Other material speaks to the opening of the northern reaches of Western Canada including the Yukon, trhe Northwest Territory and the Artic Barrens as well as the BC Coast.

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